DCed —- Greens on wheels: Goodbye, grocery store. Hello, Robomart

The California start-up Robomart will offer autonomous vehicles about the size of a golf cart that can be stocked with fruits and vegetables and summoned by or sent to a house, where humans will choose their fare. Software will tally purchases and send a receipt.

The idea arose from survey data showing shoppers don’t mind having grocery-store employees pick and deliver brand-name items for them, but consumers like to pick produce themselves.

Robostores can be equipped with either a cooler or sections for hot foods. Future versions will sport mini-versions of grocery-store sections, such as dairy or ready-made meals.

Robomart plans to lease vehicles to supermarkets and convenience stores, which can dissect data on customer purchases to target future ads and specials.

TRENDPOST: While the Trends Research Institute forecasts that truly driverless vehicles are well into the future, autonomous vehicles that fulfill commercial needs within confined areas will become more prominent. Robomart technology is one such example. Delivery services and supporting technologies will continue to grow in use and profitability as consumers find they can liberate themselves from shopping trips and devote that time to more pleasant pursuits.

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