Did you know that COVID-19 statistics show that vaccinated people are hospitalized and die at a rate almost double that of unvaccinated people? 
And this has nothing to do with the issue of adverse side effects of the COVID-19 vaccines, but only with the efficacy of the vaccine in protecting against infection.
When a person who’s been vaccinated against COVID-19 tests positive for the virus and shows symptoms, that’s called a breakthrough case. Non-symptomatic cases don’t count. 
We first wrote about breakthrough cases on 13 April  2021, in “‘BREAKTHROUGH’: NEW TERM FOR VACCINE FAILURE.” And such breakthrough cases prove fatal almost twice as frequently as do cases in which the patient has not been vaccinated. 
This is the conclusion reached by “Doc Robinson,” a contributor to the Comments section of Automatic Earth.com, and re-posted there on 24 June by Raúl Ilargi Meijer. The conclusion is based on review and analysis of data from the Centers for Disease Control. And it’s a conclusion that certainly flies in the face of what Meijer calls the “it’s all safe” point of view that is promulgated by the media, industry, government etc.
TRENDPOST: Even the CDC data may be questionable, because the testing procedures and standards that inform such data have been re-defined and otherwise changed, as we noted on 25 May, in “CDC CHANGES TESTING TO ERASE ‘BREAKTHROUGH’ CASES.” 
In any event, if you’d like to review the post on AutomaticEarth.com, and see the statistics upon which the conclusion was based, make your own interpretations and reach your own conclusions, click on “THE RISKS TO THE FULLY VACCINATED.”

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