By Gregory Mannarino,

For many years now central banks have been in a virtual race to the bottom to see which central bank can manage to suck the purchasing power out of its respective currency FASTER. 


The fact is this. Central banks coordinate all their actions with each other, and collectively they have been exceedingly very successful in causing global inflation to run rampant… but we haven’t seen anything yet.

The mission of central banks is straightforward. They are collectively on a mission to bring the world economy to its knees, which puts central banks in exactly the position which they want to be in—THE LENDERS AND BUYERS OF LAST RESORT.

Ever since the inception of central banking there has been just one goal for these institutions, and that goal is to one day own it all. Central banks run the entire global financial system by having the power to issue their one single product to the world, and that product is debt. 

Central banks have the absolute authority to issue their single product, debt, to governments and people of the world in any amount they see fit. 

Moreover, they can do whatever they want with their product with ZERO oversight. Today central banks collectively are the single most powerful organizations on the planet, and nothing they do is ever just by accident. 

Every move a central bank makes has been well thought out, and planned years in advance of whatever monetary policy they institute at any given time. Every move a central bank makes is designed to create governments and people who are totally dependent on their system.

Central banks, to fulfill their endgame, need to have the bulk of the world population receiving some kind of “government” assistance, henceforth a slave to their system, creating dependency on it.

To achieve this, central banks must crush consumer demand, dramatically slow the world economy, and overwhelm the consumer.

A MAJOR strategic part of central banks moving closer to their goals is to dramatically devalue their respective currencies which in turn creates more inflation.

A central bank’s ability to inflate, and therefore create inflation/devalue the currency, is how they maintain their power—and they will NEVER give up that power!

They will bring the world to WAR in order to keep it.

Every manner of misleading tactic, propaganda, and the like, is going to be used and propagated by the mainstream media outlets to deceive the public.

As an example: The mainstream media will push, HARD, the narrative that central banks are desperately trying to fight inflation, when in reality the polar opposite is actually true. 

Central banks along with their respective puppet governments will continue to create reasons out of nothing to fund multi-trillion-dollar bloated budgets, expand wars, create new wars, new vaccines, another scamdemic, and the “need” for more drugs. 

FEAR will be utilized to an even higher degree to push the public mindset into adopting any manner of reasons why even more cash needs to be created into existence all to further foster the true agenda of central banks to collectively… BECOME WORLD CONTROL.

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