Cryptos’ big 2018 dive…

Whether to invest, or not. Sell or hold. Trends Journal subscribers are asking a lot of questions about the future of cryptocurrencies.

For many, this turbulent year signaled the wild ride is over. For others, this has been a transitional year, a year in which government interventions, new regulations and heightened scrutiny, as well as basic market demands shaking out the true value of cryptos, are sorting out the playing field for the market-driven trading ahead.

According to the Trends Research Institute’s crypto analyst, Jonathan Cho, the severity of the downswings in 2018 is the flip side of the severity of the upswings throughout 2017, particularly in that year’s second half, when retail money en masse began to pour into the sector.

While we do not offer financial advice, in this question-and-answer trend forecast analysis, Cho answers subscriber questions to help put this tumultuous year into perspective and prepare for the year ahead.

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