Americans for the Arts announced on 14 June that nonprofit arts and culture organizations in the U.S. have lost about $17.3 billion since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. reported that nearly all organizations that put on performances were forced to cancel entire events and there was a loss of about 541 million ticket sales.
The report pointed out that about half of these art organizations continue to be closed to the public and 38 percent have no target date to reopen. The budgets for the venues are also weak and 68 percent say it will take over three months to come up with the funds needed to resume production., citing the report, said workers in the industry experienced a 63 percent unemployment rate during the worst months of the outbreak and 37 percent have been unable to afford food at some point during the pandemic.
TRENDPOST: We note this article to illustrate how so many lives and livelihoods have been, and continue to be, needlessly destroyed by imbecilic, egomaniacal politicians who imposed draconian lockdown rules that lacked a shred of scientific evidence. 
But, as we are witnessing now, particularly among western nations, these same arrogant leaders decided to lift many restrictions they imposed despite no so-called “herd immunity” or other virus developments that allegedly lower the risks of dying or catching it… which, as the data proves, is minimal.
For example, the media and politicians continue to add up those who have allegedly died of the virus over the past 17 months, but never add up the millions who continue to die each year from the pesticides, chemicals, preservatives and pollutants pumped into our food, water, earth and air. Yet, even with the current numbers, the percentage of virus victims, of some 7.9 billion people inhabiting the planet, an estimated 3,885,000 supposedly died from the virus or the grand total of 0.0491 percent of the world’s population.

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