1.36 million individuals aged 16-64 actively engaged in the labor market were disabled by COVID vaccines, and 310 thousand deaths were caused by them.

That’s the conclusion of analytics firm Phinance Technologies, a company co-founded by Blackrock portfolio manager Ed Dowd, along with several experts in Finance and Physics.

Economic costs of the vaccines over the course of 2021 and 2022 were also calculated.

A staggering 147.8 billion dollars was attributed to vaccine costs in economic damage, including 89.9 billion due to injuries, $52.2 billion due to disabilities, and 5.6 Billion due to excess deaths.

The group’s research, titled “The Vaccine Damage Project – Human Cost,” noted about their methodology:

“We summarised the human cost of the Covid-19 inoculations by identifying three broad groups of people who suffered varying levels of damage. We obtained estimates for the pool of individuals within the population who belong to each of these vaccine-damaged groups, using the US population as an example.

“We investigated the human cost in relatively young and healthy age groups as these are the most representative for the productive population (workforce). For absences, we estimated the injured pool of individuals by using the full time workers aged 25-54, while for disabilities we use the employed workers aged 16-64 and for excess deaths we use the population aged 25-64.”

On releasing the report, Dowd noted on Twitter the enormous amount of profits that pharmaceutical companies like Moderna and Pfizer have made from the COVID treatments, which have involved never before used novel “mRNA” technologies that make them very different from traditional vaccines.

Dowd said:

Edward Dowd


Pfizer & Moderna in 2022 had combined C-19 vaccine revenues in US of $11.5 billion so…

🚨🚨For every $1 dollar they made it cost the US economy $13 dollars. 

Quite the negative societal ROI. 

Largest crime scene in history. Multiply this across the globe. 

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