Barely reported in the mainstream media is the fact that despite what is being sold to the public by Presstitutes, politicians, and Drug Lords that getting the COVID Vax is around 95 percent effective, the numbers are not adding up.  
Four Out of Five
The five countries in the world boasting the highest rates of both partially- and fully vaccinated populations are Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Chile, and Seychelles. And, yet, except for Israel, all of those countries are currently experiencing surges in the number of COVID cases that, per capita, exceed even the highly-publicized surge going on in India.
As reported by Robert Hart of Forbes, on 11 May, these surges have experts scrambling for explanations and questioning the effectiveness of vaccines and whether it’s wise to ease restrictions even when vaccination rates are high.
Chinese Vaccine?
One thing setting Israel apart from the four other top-vaccinating countries, and which suggests one explanation for the disparity, is that Israel’s vaccination program uses chiefly Western COVID vaccines (such as those used in the U.S.), whereas the other four countries use chiefly vaccines developed in China. Chinese vaccines include Sinopharm, which recently has been endorsed by the WHO, but which some have come to suspect is not as effective as those produced by Pfizer or Moderna.
Vaccines vs. Restrictions
Another factor may be the degree of restrictions and whether widespread vaccination provides a valid rationale for easing restrictions. The Forbes article informs us Seychelles still welcomes tourists and that “Dubai exited lockdown rapidly and Chile loosened its restrictions and allowed domestic travel.”
TRENDPOST: The U.S. ranks just below Bahrain in the percentage of its population that is fully vaccinated (35 percent). Many states are easing restrictions, at least partly in response to rising vaccination rates… despite the official government line that some 80 percent must get the jab for the herd to reach immunity.
As we note in this issue and many others, the U.S. still has a high “vaccine hesitancy” rate, and those who remain unvaccinated seem to also be the most comfortable engaging in normal activities, which makes already puzzled experts question whether “sustained community transmission” may result.

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