Will the obscene profiteering and financial plays of Big Pharma execs finally get democratic government pushback on behalf of citizens?

Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel gained roughly 400 million dollars last year on stock options, and reportedly still controls a massive 2.8 billion in company shares—and that’s not including his pay and other benefits. 

And Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla?  He earned a relatively paltry 33 million dollars in salary, but supplemented that by selling millions in shares of company stock. 

Many are expressing outrage over the new figures and financial machinations. But The New York Post exclusively reported this past week that Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton will investigate whether the companies of these Big Pharma Billionaires deceptively over-sold the efficacy and safety of their controversial mRNA treatments, including  manipulation of vaccine trial data. (“Texas AG Ken Paxton’s COVID-19 vaccine investigation could stick it to Big Pharma execs,” 30 Apr 2023.)

Paxton told the news outlet that he would investigate Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson for Deceptive Trade Practices Act breaches. 

The Texas AG also wants to learn whether pharmaceutical firms deceived the public about gain-of-function related research and studies.

Paxton said in a statement:

“The catastrophic effects of the pandemic and subsequent interventions forced on our country and citizens deserve intense scrutiny, and we are pursuing any hint of wrongdoing to the fullest. This pandemic was a deeply challenging time for Americans. If any company illegally took advantage of consumers during this period or compromised people’s safety to increase their profits, they will be held responsible.” 

The Post noted that the legal action could have ramifications for the current immunity from lawsuits that the pharmaceuticals have, regarding damages from the COVID mRNA treatments.

The treatments were sold to the public as being substantially no different in possible effects than standard vaccines, and were allowed to be called vaccines, despite employing a radical new technology that commandeers human rna to produce a novel (and foreign) spike protein, which then triggers an immune response.

The Trends Journal has chronicled every aspect of the COVID War and its abuses, before virtually any mainstream media became critical of official policies and narratives.

We have noted the profiteering, the economic and human wreckage, and the siphoning of wealth and power to elites in many articles.

For some touchstones, see:

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