Many U.S. so-called health professionals dealing with COVID-19, including the “eminent” authority Dr. Anthony Fauci – who makes nearly a half million dollars a year by sucking off the public tit – are not yet ready to see people let their COVID guard down.  Despite falling numbers of cases and deaths, rising numbers of vaccinations, and so many cities and states lifting restrictions and moving everyday life “back to normal,” their worries persist. 
Last Thursday the Wall Street Journal reported that public health authorities cannot agree on when or even if “herd immunity” may be achieved! 
They’re worried about the virus continuing to spread globally, with emerging variants presenting new challenges. They’re worried about pockets of infection in areas with lower vaccination rates. And they’re worried about long-term vaccine effectiveness even in the 44 percent or so of U.S. adults who are currently fully-vaccinated. They can envision future flare-ups that will necessitate a return to masking and social distancing requirements. 
TRENDPOST: All-in-all, these experts have relegated to sense of “impending doom” expressed by Centers for Disease Control director Dr. Rachel Walensky, as we reported on 18 May, “COVID FRAUDSTER,” and they continue to fear the “Category 5” COVID outbreak also mentioned in that same Trends Journal article. 

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