by Amber Freda
With nations in lockdown and a ban on all “non-essential” work sweeping the globe, hundreds of millions suddenly have a lot of free time on their hands.
And with masses out of work, short on cash, and millions wanting to improve their health, planting a vegetable garden is not only practical, but also enjoyable for those who want to rise above the climate of fear and reconnect with nature.
As world leaders and the media compare the coronavirus to war (see “ON THE WARPATH”), “VICTORY GARDENS 2.0” will help lift sprits and improve the health of nations.
Victory Gardens, also called “war gardens,” were originally planted during World Wars I and II to help reduce the pressure on public food supply during these times of crisis.
Now, in this age of Pandemic Panic, society’s survival instincts will return to their roots, rediscovering the path to nature and connecting with the land.
In this new age of “social distancing,” a term invented by the political class that has spread fear throughout society, growing food at home has many benefits. Not only will it save money and mean fewer trips to the grocery store, thus risking possible contamination, it will sow the seeds of a healthy project that brings the family together, working the land and enjoying the bountiful harvest.

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