Reports of severe allergic reactions to COVID-19 vaccines have played a role in driving more Europeans to be hesitant about lining up to be inoculated for the virus.
The U.S.’s CDC said some of those who have taken the vaccine have had “severe allergic reactions” that required medical intervention. The treatment has ranged from hospitalization to treatment with epinephrine. The U.K.’s NHS warned that those with a history of allergic reactions should not take the vaccine.
The NHS reported two staffers suffered from allergic reactions last week. They suffered from a skin rash, breathlessness, or a drop in blood pressure, the health body said. One of the main concerns among Europeans is that scientists have yet to pinpoint the cause of such episodes.
Yesterday, it was reported that Sonia Azevedo, 41, a mother of two who worked as a surgical assistant at the Instituto Portugues de Oncologia, an oncology hospital in Portugal, died the day after she received her first dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.
Reuters reported that the European Union has signed contracts with Pfizer and BioNTech and other drug makers and hopes to inoculate more than two billion people by next year. 
The report said the French and Polish have expressed concern over the vaccine. Fewer than 40 percent of those in Poland said they intend to take the shot. A Reuters report found that only 50 percent of the medical staff at a hospital in Warsaw signed up to get the vaccine. 
An IPSOS poll from November showed that 54 percent of French, 64 percent of Italians, 79 percent of Britons, and 87 percent of Chinese would be willing to get the vaccine, according to the report.
Propaganda Machine
As reported in the Financial Times, France is ramping up an “inoculation campaign” to sell its vaccine-skeptical population on getting jabbed.
To date, just 350 have been vaccinated in France compared to the one million shot up in the U.K. and nearly 250,000 in Germany. 
Despite approximately one in three French citizens disagreeing that vaccines are safe, which, according to the Gallup poll, is the highest percentage in the 140 countries surveyed, the government expects to inject 20 million citizens by midyear.
TRENDPOST: Health officials have said that 70 to about 85 percent of the population would have to have antibodies in order to achieve herd immunity.
Dr. Anthony Fauci, touted by the Presstitutes as America’s top disease expert, said if the number is achieved, the county will “really get back to some strong semblance of normality.”
TRENDPOST: As we have noted, if the vaccine is reliable, then those choosing to get vaccinated are safe from the virus. 
Thus, why force those who do not believe in the vaccine to get vaccinated, since those who got the shot are said to be safe?  
Similarly, if those who believe wearing a mask makes them safe, why force those who don’t want to wear masks to wear one, since those wearing them believe they are safe?
These points are ignored by the mainstream media, which instead propagandize that for the good of all, all must comply.

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