by Gregory Mannarino
Flying in the face of tens of millions of Americans out of work due to the Scamdemic, and notwithstanding the culling of small businesses on an epic scale, yesterday, the NASDAQ closed at an all-time record high.
As a matter of fact, stocks are now trading at greater than 22 times forward earnings, their highest valuation since the Dot-Com bubble. Moreover, I have news for you… stocks are going higher.
Understanding the Current Environment
Today, the most powerful organization on the planet, the Federal Reserve, is running the entire Financial Show.
The Federal Reserve is literally in the midst of a global takeover: they are buying it all. Not only is the Fed buying it all, in America, they are creating bailout loans for bankrupt cities and states. Never before in history have we seen anything remotely close to the debt issuance and asset acquisition going on right now with the Federal Reserve.
The balance sheet of the Fed is ballooning, and I fully expect it to quadruple from where it is now. What a ballooning balance sheet means for stocks is simple: the larger the Fed’s balance sheet, the higher stock prices will go.
Until when? Until it doesn’t!
So, yes, this is the new normal, for the time being.
For weeks, I have been saying to those who follow my work, “Soon, stocks will hit new record highs.” That happened yesterday with the NASDAQ, and I foresee the other major indices are going to follow as well.
The current environment of lies, propaganda, and fake government data are also a part of the new normal, and you can expect all of it to get monumentally worse. This new normal is a PSYOP; the distractions and deliberate misleading of the people en masse is by no means an accident.
As a consequence of this new normal, we are seeing the emergence of a new feudal system in America, another phenomenon I have warned was coming for over a decade: extreme haves and extreme have nots. Moreover, as social unrest sweeps the globe, we are seeing the ramifications of this worldwide.
As we move forward, this new normal will be going after your freedoms and liberties. As the one percent, via the mechanism of central banks, issue loans, and buy assets, it will be them who dictate all the rules.
From a Financial Perspective
Understanding that the Federal Reserve and other central banks will massively inflate as they institute a new normal, though not offering financial advice, as I see things, I believe there are ways to capitalize on this:
The most simple and straightforward way would be to own and hold physical gold and silver.  Due to the volatility of market conditions, I consider holding physical metals as long-term investments.
Another option is cryptocurrencies for the simple fact that the group of people who want to hold these assets continues to grow exponentially.

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