Companion in arms

Mr. Celente, I am so glad that I am alive at the same time you are. Why? Because I have seen the complete disregard for human decency. I have experienced the lies of the Armed Forces of this misguided country. I am a VietNam vet. I have watched all of the dreams that many of us go down the toilet and I wonder where did these communist, socialists, fascist, atheist minded monsters come from? My heart was filled with fear when I first began to see these things creeping in. A few here and a few there and pretty soon they are thick and organized like a host of cockroaches in a dark kitchen. The light has been turned on and so now what are we to do to rid ourselves from this filthy immoral horde of misfits and criminals. I’m not only armed with weaponry but, with every other survival tool I can afford. Tell me more.What more can I do to help rid this world of these demons I am your companion in arms. Jerry Michael Sloan. Born and Bred in AMERICA.

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