Commenting on the hesitancy of white evangelicals to get vaccinated, CNN published an article last Friday that criticized a pastor named Tony Spell for saying in a sermon: “I’ll just tell you today, if being anti-mask and anti-vaccine is anti-government, then I’m proud to be anti-government.”
The CNN Presstitute writes of pastor Spell, “He goes on to falsely state: ‘If you have a 99.6 percent survival rate, why do you want somebody to contaminate your bloodstream with something that may or may not hurt you?’”
But according to CDC data, it is CNN that “falsely” states Spell is wrong: 
“Because of the significant number of asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic people with COVID-19, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates the number of infected people could be 10 times the number of confirmed cases. Using the current numbers, that means more than 30 million people could have been infected, which would make the infection fatality rate 0.4%—meaning 99.6% of people survive the virus.”
On 28 September, Townhall reported the latest CDC mortality rates for COVID-19:

  • Ages 0-19: 99.997% 
  • Ages 20-49: 99.98% 
  • Ages 50-69: 99.5% 
  • Ages 70+: 94.6%

The CNN article goes on to claim: “The anti-COVID vaccine sentiment among Evangelicals is fed by a mixture of distrust in government, ignorance about how vaccines work, misinformation and political identity, some experts say.”
But, as the CDC data confirms, it is CNN that suffers from a mixture of “ignorance” and “misinformation.”
TRENDPOST: At the very worst, according to Worldometer, the U.S. COVID survival rate is 98 percent. 
Yes, 2 percent… a very small percentage of the nation’s population has died from the virus. As we have repeatedly detailed, it is the elderly and those suffering from preexisting chronic conditions that are the primary virus victims. 
To date, in the United States, a nation of 332.5 million people, a reported 582,000 have died of the virus since last March… or 0.175 percent of the population.
Yet, scores of millions of lives and livelihoods have been destroyed, and young and old, fear and hysteria have been ingrained into the mass population. 
TRENDPOST: CNN, as with most of the mainstream media, following the lead of politicians and their “health experts,” are promoting the idea that 70 percent of Americans need to be vaccinated to achieve herd immunity. 
Therefore, the fact that white evangelicals represent 25 percent of the country may explain the White House concerted effort to convince them to get jabbed. 
CNN quotes Dr. William Schaffner, professor of infectious disease at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine:
“We anticipate that in order to really substantially control the disease, we will have to vaccinate around 70% of the population at least. It’s so contagious that we need lots of people protected so that the virus can’t find somebody else to infect.”
Once again, as Gerald Celente has continuously emphasized, “They’re making this crap up.”  
Indeed, on 25 February, the Wall Street Journal wrote, “Experts, as they have for months, say somewhere between 70 and 90 percent of Americans need to be fully vaccinated to reach herd immunity.”  
So, which is it? 70 percent? 80 percent? 83 percent?  
On 1 January, the CBS affiliate in the District of Columbia wrote, “The WHO has changed their definition of herd immunity on their COVID-19 page over the course of the year.”
By their words, it is clear: they don’t know.

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