According to CNN, reported on 8 July, the U.S. is at great risk because there are “clusters” of unvaccinated people, mostly in Southern and Midwestern states, and such clusters are potential breeding grounds for more COVID infections, especially the more virulent Delta variant and even more deadly strains yet to be seen.
These clusters, comprised of counties with low vaccination rates and significant populations, were identified in a study by Georgetown University that analyzed data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and from state health departments. 
Those Darn Southerners!
The number of persons, nationwide, who are fully vaccinated now stands at 47.6 percent. But of the 15 million persons in the five most significant clusters identified in the study, only 27.9 percent are fully vaccinated. Those clusters range from Texas to Georgia, going as far north as southern Missouri. They also include parts of Oklahoma, Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas and Louisiana and the cities of Shreveport, Montgomery and Amarillo.
Such clusters of unvaccinated persons represent a risk to the entire nation because they give the virus more opportunity to spread and, in so doing, to mutate into strains that are more resistant. The fear is that, like the Delta variant that has learned how to evade the existing COVID-19 vaccines to some extent, newer variants might learn how to “outsmart” vaccines even more thoroughly. 
CNN reports that the Delta variant is now responsible for more than half of the COVID infections in the U.S., and that it has “in some cases caused more severe illness.”
What Sayeth Dr. Fauci?
As Dr. Anthony Fauci, President Biden’s chief medical advisor, possibly the greatest epidemiologist the world has ever known, and a man who is without a doubt smarter than a virus, says, “We know that if you give the virus the opportunity to circulate and replicate, you give it the opportunity to generate more variants.”
“We’ve Been Lucky So Far”
CNN also quotes Dr. Jonathan Reiner, a professor of medicine and surgery at George Washington University and a CNN medical analyst: “These clusters of unvaccinated people are what is standing in the way of us putting this virus down permanently.” He continued, “We’ve been lucky with the variants so far that they’ve been relatively susceptible to our vaccine, but the more you roll the dice, the more opportunities there will be for a resistant variant.”
Since the COVID War began, Trends Journal has pointed out how the mainstream media has worked tirelessly to stoke fear and keep the COVID pot boiling; see, for example, our article of 10 November 2020, “COVID CASE ‘SURGE’ HYPE.” 
TRENDPOST: While the media “health officials” and politicians keep selling the deadly Delta variant, not a word about how the average daily COVID death toll in the United States has dramatically decreased.  As of 8 July the nation’s seven day average daily COVID death toll was 166, out of a population of 332,000,000 which equals a death rate of 0.00005 percent.
And while they keep spreading fear and Delta variant hysteria while pushing for mass vaccinations, totally ignored is that back in February the seven day average was 3,146 COVID deaths. 

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