Silicon Wafers and Microcircuits

Major companies lashed out at lawmakers in Minnesota last week over a bill that would ban certain products that contain perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances—known as PFAS, or “forever chemicals.”

The Semiconductor Industry Association, a lobbying association of companies like Intel, IBM, and Nvidia, said the bill goes too far and would hurt the semiconductor supply chain, according to the Financial Times.

More than 30 states in the U.S. said they’ll consider new laws to put limits on PFAS. The paper noted that California and Maine have already passed bills to address the issue.

The fight playing out in Minnesota shows the big-money influence behind “forever chemicals.”

The Minnesota Reformer reported that members of a Minnesota House Environment Committee recently received “correspondence with a letterhead that featured the logos of over 50 companies and trade associations opposed to a bill that would ban the chemicals in most products.”

The letter warned that the Minnesota ban would have “far-reaching negative consequences on nearly every sector of the economy including aerospace, autos, powersports, alternative energy, health care, building and construction, electronics, pharmaceuticals, and agriculture.”

PFAS are a group of over 4,000 synthetic chemicals that have been produced by industries since the 1940s. They are primarily used in fire retarding foams, non-stick cookware, water repellents, waterproof clothes, carpets, textiles, and take-out containers.

These toxic chemicals do not break down naturally and accumulate over time in humans, animals, and the overall environment. But their most common source is groundwater. These “forever chemicals” are linked to kidney and testicular cancers, thyroid disease, and high cholesterol. Health officials believe that 99 percent of Americans have at least some PFAS in their blood.

The Lancet Planetary Health determined last year that pollution is directly responsible for about 9 million premature deaths each year around the world. 

The Minnesota Reformer noted that the bill would require manufacturers to notify the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency if their products have “intentionally added” PFAS.

“I think clean drinking water and for farmers to be able to irrigate their fields is far more important than a microchip,” Stacey Brenner, a Maine state senator, told the paper.

TRENDPOST: The Trends Journal has reported extensively on the health impact these forever chemicals can have on millions of Americans, and how there’s hardly a mention of the risk in the mainstream news media. (See “THINK COVID WILL KILL YOU? DRINK ‘FOREVER CHEMICALS’ FROM YOUR TAP” 21 Mar 2023, “FOREVER CHEMICALS?” MAYBE NOT SO MUCH” 31 Jan 2023, “STATES BEGIN TO CRACK DOWN ON ‘FOREVER CHEMICALS’ FOLLOWING OUR ‘GOING GREEN’ FORECAST” 17 Jan 2023, “FOREVER CHEMICALS FOREVER KILLING U.S. TROOPS” 20 Dec 2022 and “WORRIED ABOUT COVID? ‘FOREVER CHEMICALS’ STILL BEING PRODUCED BY MANUFACTURERS” 13 Dec 2022.) 

For well over two years, the mainstream media massively scared the hell out of the world’s population with its COVID War and the non-scientific risk factors.

Yet, there is little mention of extremely deadly PFAS levels in commonly used products as well as the deadly chemicals, pesticides, preservatives, artificial ingredients, and other deadly poisons massively injected into the air, earth, water, and what we eat and drink.  

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