Remember that Trump deal with the communist Chinese, where lovable pooh bear Xi Jinping agreed to buy up all that American agriculture?
Well, despite recent news that under Joe Biden, China is reneging on those Trump era agreements, rest assured. China is buying plenty.
But here’s the catch: they’re not simply buying tons of wheat and soybeans and corn and beef from farmers across the fertile plains of the U.S.
No, they’re continuing to buy up U.S. farmland for Chinese companies to extract America’s wealth much more efficiently.
The Trends Journal previously alerted readers to China’s agricultural land grab in “CHINA SWALLOWING UP U.S. FARMLAND” (20 Jul 2021).
Now an expose from The National Pulse details how the Chinese strategy is only expanding.
Figures show that CCP backed Chinese investors acquired upwards of 192,000 acres of American agricultural property by the start of 2020. The land is worth around $1.9 billion, and constitutes an exponential growth in ownership over the last 10 years. 
Because the USDA’s statistics on agricultural ownership is several years out of date, making exact current figures on property held by China and Chinese firms is hard to confirm.
But word from farmers and real estate sources make it clear that China has been very active in 2021.
For example, a Chinese billionaire called Sun Guangxin and his business, GH America Energy LLC, a subsidiary of China’s Guanghui Energy Company, made one significant purchase that was traced. Sun purchased 140,000 acres in a Texas county near the Mexican border and Laughlin Air Force Base for $110 million.
Not only is the land useful in terms of agriculture. Military sources have warned that if the project goes through, the Air Force base’s power supply might be jeopardized.
The capture of American land by Chinese people and corporations is not limited to Sun. Syngenta was purchased by ChemChina, a Chinese state-owned company, for $43 billion in 2017, according to The Pulse.
While the mainstream media has characterized the acquisition as a poor bargain for China, it provides the country with enormous long-term control over global and local food supply.
The CCP’s food security strategy includes the acquisition of U.S. property, presenting a huge danger to the American public’s food and national security. 
As the earlier Trends Journal story reported, Republicans this past summer introduced legislation to restrict land ownership and tax incentives for foreign investors.
The Biden Administration clearly sees things differently.
After rumors appeared that China’s property acquisitions posed a substantial danger to American national security, Biden’s Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack stepped forward to back China.
Late last week, Vilsack did sound a stronger tone in talking about China’s reneging on their pledge to buy American agricultural goods.
According to, he assured lawmakers the Biden administration is pressuring on China to fulfill “phase one” trade commitments. 
“There are a wide variety of ways we can respond  to China … and no doubt we will,” Vilsack told Rep. Tracey Mann, R-Kan. 
He failed, however, to lay out any specifics of what the administration is doing to get China to abide by their agreements, but he stopped short of saying what steps the administration was prepared to take.
In July, Rep. Dan Newhouse (R-Washington) warned that “the present trajectory in the United States is leading us toward the development of a Chinese-owned agricultural land monopoly.”
The recent National Pulse story can be read here.

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