Art is dead and dying in America.
Tune in to the Oscars on Sunday night? Probably not. 
These were the headlines that ran all day yesterday on Drudge: 





Yes, it’s the “End of an Era” – and the Chinese know it.
As we have been forecasting – one of our Top Trends for 2021 was “CHINA 2021: THE CHINESE CENTURY” – the 20th century was the American century, the 21st will be China’s. And Beijing will keep ramping up its fight to overtake the U.S.A. financially, militarily… and culturally. 
Lights, Camera, China!
China’s rift with the U.S. is also taking a toll in Tinseltown.
The Financial Times reported on Saturday that Beijing has been investing in producing its own blockbuster movies instead of relying on Hollywood. The paper reported that the effort seems to be paying off. Last year, “The Eight Hundred,” a Chinese film about the Battle of Shanghai, was the highest-grossing movie in the world.
The paper reported U.S. studios have had some recent disappointments in the Chinese market. “Nomandland,” which stars Zhao, a Beijing-born actress, has been all but canceled in China after a 2013 video emerged of her where she said “there are lies everywhere” in China.
“Mulan,” a Disney movie that cost the company $200 million to appeal to the massive Chinese market, pulled in only $40 million in the country. “Godzilla vs. Kong” made $165 million in China, which the paper called “respectable.”
Movie studios in the U.S. have been forced to address human rights abuses in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region in the northwest area of the country. The FT reported that imported movies are down to less than 16 percent of the box office in 2020, which marks a 36-percent drop.
“In a few years, we will be able to present films with similar production value to the U.S.,” Shawn Xiang Yue, a producer in the country, told the FT. “By that time, I don’t think the major studios can still be as powerful in the Chinese market.”
TREND FORECAST: Beyond tuning out Hollywood, Americans tuned out the Grammy Awards last month, with TV broadcast ratings hitting record lows. 
As we have been forecasting, a new era has been born. There are widespread OnTrendprenuer® opportunities to fill huge and profitable market gaps of younger generations who are in high demand for new sounds, styles, products, services, etc., as they lead the world into the Roaring 2021s. 

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