Now in its fourth month, mass pubic protests in Chile against government corruption, declining living standards, low wages, and lack of basic health care continue to heat up.
Last week, police assaulted bystanders and drove police cars into crowds to break up demonstrations. In retaliation, protesters in the capital city of Santiago manned barricades and set fire to police stations, buses, and stores.
Over 100 demonstrators were arrested last week and some 27 protesters have been killed since the demonstrations began.
According to a recent poll, approximately half of all adult citizens have participated in anti-government demonstrations, and only 6 percent of citizens approve of the performance of Chilean President Sebastián Piñera.
TREND FORECAST: “New World Disorder” was one of our “2020 Top Trends.”
 From Hong Kong to France, from Lebanon to Chile… across the globe, the “New World Disorder” continues. Broke and down and out, people with nothing left to lose are losing it. As world economies slow, civil unrest will increase and militaristic government repression of their citizenry will greatly intensify.

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