Celente’s movement is our only choice

Gerald Celente has a proven record as a trend spotter. Now he is branching out. He is becoming a trendsetter. 

Celente sees the trend we need is peace. He is encouraging it by launching Occupy Peace. The first event was September 20 in Kingston, NY.  

Celente is correct that the trend the world desperately needs is a powerful peace movement. Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev put us on the road to peace with their agreement to end the Cold War. George H. W. Bush and his secretary of state, James Baker, kept us on that road.

But the Clinton, George W. Bush and Obama regimes handed over US foreign policy to the neoconservatives, who restarted the Cold War and extended it with their claim of US world hegemony.

Everything previous US presidents had accomplished that reduced the risk of nuclear war was thrown out by Clinton and his successors.

Washington withdrew from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty. Washington rewrote US nuclear warfare doctrine to permit US preemptive nuclear attack. Washington expanded NATO, an organization no longer needed, to Russia’s borders in violations of assurances given to Russia by previous American presidents. Washington financed “color revolutions” in former constituent parts of the Soviet Union and Russia and created vassal states in former Russian territories such as Georgia and the Baltics. In an effort to deprive Russia of her only warm-water port on the Black Sea, Washington orchestrated a coup in Ukraine, long a constituent part of Russia. Washington put ABM systems on Russia’s borders, claiming the systems were directed at the nonexistent “Iranian threat.”

Washington has taken similar provocative and gratuitous steps toward China. Washington intervenes against China in disputes between China and other countries. Washington threatens China’s sea lanes by positioning 60 percent of the US fleet in the Pacific. Washington repeatedly demonizes China with human rights accusations and propagandistic charges of economic misbehavior.


The consequences of Washington’s recklessness were predictable. Both Russia and China have upgraded and modernized their nuclear forces and entire militaries. US military commanders now say that in conventional warfare, Russia has the upper hand over the US.  

The crazed neoconservatives, fearful of losing US hegemony, have resorted to extreme rhetoric that could drive the world to war.

The warmongers have sent generals to tell Congress that Russia is an “existential threat to the United States.” Hillary Clinton, who could end up as the next US president, has compared Russia’s President Putin to Hitler. A former CIA official calls for assassinating Russia’s President Putin. US Sen. John McCain wants Putin dead. And a number of nutcases in Congress want the US to shoot down Russian planes in Syria. The New York Times, CNN, Fox “News,” NPR and the entirety of the US print and TV media conduct constant propaganda against Russia and her government. The outrageous lies are without end: “Russia invaded Ukraine.” “Russia shot down a Malaysian airliner.” “Russia is preparing to invade Poland and the Baltic states.” “Putin is re-creating the Soviet empire.”

In the Wolfowitz doctrine written in 1992 by Paul Wolfowitz, undersecretary of defense, neoconservatives declared that the principal goal of US foreign policy is to prevent the rise of Russia and any other country that would be sufficiently strong to serve as a check on Washington’s unilateral power.  

For a long time, the Russian government regarded the Wolfowitz doctrine as an expression of hubris. Now the Russian government is beginning to realize that the neoconservative threat against Russia could be real and that Russia could be subjected to preemptive nuclear attack.

 China has come to the same conclusion.

As the insane neoconservatives and Western presstitute media have completely destroyed the trust achieved by Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush with the major nuclear powers, Russia and China, nuclear war is once again the greatest threat facing humanity.  

Celente, watching the advance of the nuclear war trend, sees that an Occupy Peace trend is necessary to counter the neoconservative threat to life on earth. 

The left wing in the Western world has proven its impotence. For leftists, the issues are up-skirt photography, abortion, gay marriage and the never-ending demonization of Ronald Reagan, who left office a quarter-century ago.

Celente is a realist, not an ideologue. He correctly understands the situation. It is peace or it is death. Flock to the banner of Occupy Peace. The alternative is death.


That makes the choice simple.    TJ

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