There is little evidence that COVID-19 spreads in cases where people aren’t experiencing symptoms such as a fever or cough. Recent studies have shown that children attending school have not led to any elevated risks of coronavirus outbreaks. Add to that young people are nearly 100 percent immune from the malady and there would seem to be no reason to push an experimental vaccine on them.
As we have reported, according to the CDC, if a youngster does get the virus, the recovery rate is 99.997 percent. Considering those odds, why risk taking a vaccine?
Regardless, that’s what CBS is busy promoting. In a story reporting on the U.K.’s drive to vaccinate those aged six to 17, CBS asserted the U.K. was taking a “key step toward ending the coronavirus pandemic” by vaccinating children in the country.
Meanwhile, the U.K.’s chief in charge of the trial vaccination program, Andrew Pollard, admitted at least some of the facts regarding the non-vulnerability of children to COVID:
“While most children are relatively unaffected by coronavirus and are unlikely to become unwell with the infection, it is important to establish the safety and immune response to the vaccine in children and young people as some children may benefit from vaccination. These new trials will extend our understanding of the control of SARS-CoV2 to younger age groups.”
CBS touted the benefits of children taking the vax that were unrelated to any direct medical efficacy of vaccination, quoting the strange rationale of one of the U.K. researchers, Rinn Song. “The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound negative impact on the education, social development, and emotional well-being of children and adolescents, beyond illness and rare severe disease presentations.”

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