In a show of “unity” that dismayed many Catholic faithful, both Pope Francis and Pope Emeritus Benedict reportedly received COVID vaccinations. The Pope had previously exhorted all Catholics to accept vaccination as an act of moral duty. Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, an often vocal opponent of the current pope’s stewardship of the church, castigated the move. Archbishop Vigano said,
“It is disconcerting that, after unscrupulously demolishing no small number of Catholic truths in the name of dialogue with heretics and idolaters, the one dogma which Bergoglio is not ready to renounce is that of obligatory vaccination… If it is possible to set aside revealed truth in the name of ecumenism and interreligious dialogue, it is likewise not licit to question the dogmas of COVID, the revelation made by the media about the pandemic, and the salvific sacrament of the vaccine.”
Many Christians, composing different denominations, have shown their unity in rejecting the virus vaccine, which they claim was developed in part via the use of material from aborted unborn children. While researchers say the COVID vaccines do not contain aborted fetal cells, according to Dr. James Lawler, an infectious diseases expert, Pfizer and Moderna did perform confirmation tests (to ensure the vaccines work) using fetal cell lines. However, as reported by Nebraska Medicine, he states that current fetal cell lines are thousands of generations removed from the original fetal tissue.
A statement issued by Archbishop Vigano made scathing objections to the Pope’s latest action and not just on religious grounds. He cited an array of reasons why no person of the Catholic faith, nor anyone should feel obligated to bow to the vax:
“The fact that the vaccine does not give any guarantee of efficacy but rather can induce serious side effects; the fact that in some cases it has been produced starting from cells taken from aborted fetuses, and therefore is absolutely irreconcilable with Catholic morality; the fact that treatment with hyper-immune plasma or with alternative protocols are being boycotted despite the evidence of their efficacy – all of this means little to the new ‘expert’ who, on the basis of absolutely zero medical competencies, is now recommending the vaccine to the faithful while using his sovereign authority to require the citizens of the Vatican to submit to questionable treatment in the name of an unspecified ‘ethical duty.’  
The bleak Paul VI Audience Hall has been emblematically chosen as the temple in which to celebrate this new sanitary rite, officiated by ministers of the COVID religion in order to assure, certainly not the salvation of souls, but rather the illusory promise of health for the body.”
In a withering summation, Vigano pointed out that while the Pope has proved invariably happy to greet abortionists and criminals, he has been loath to “contaminate himself” by aligning with “anti-vaxxers.”
TREND FORECAST: As we have long forecast, there will be strong anti-vax, anti-tax, anti-immigration movements and political parties building across continents that will unite races, creeds, and colors under a banner of common causes. 

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