Last week, The New York Times ran a lengthy story on long-term care residents in Canada having expressed confusion over the fact that they have been vaccinated for COVID-19, yet they have not seen a return to normal life.
“While the vaccines have given the majority of nursing-home residents protection from death by the virus, so far they have not been offered more life,” The Times wrote.
It is widely known that COVID is most dangerous for the elderly and those with comorbidities. The Lancet reported that 80 percent of the deaths in the country tied to the virus occurred in these facilities. As of late January, COVID-19 has been blamed for 2,877 deaths in Ontario’s long-term care facilities.
Canada’s national health data agency reported in June 2020 that the country had the worst record among wealthy nations for COVID-related deaths in long-term care facilities. Many observers referred to it as a “national disgrace,” The Lancet report said.
Devora Greenspon, an 88-year-old resident at a long-term care home in Toronto, told the paper she received two jabs of one of the vaccines and her life has not changed one bit.
“It’s like it never happened,” she said. Ms. Greenspon still lives most of her life alone in her room and is still not able to leave the facility unless it’s for medical purposes.
“I have so many things I want to do,” she told The Times. “I may never get to do them. I may die before the pandemic is over.”
Isobel MacKenzie, the head of British Columbia’s Office of the Seniors Advocate, told the paper that these elderly residents experience long periods of isolation, which could contribute to a drop in cognitive function. One survey reportedly found that antipsychotic medication, given to patients who traditionally suffer from dementia, has been prescribed at a 7-percent increase over the last six months.
TRENDPOST: As we keep reporting, despite the fact that the elderly in nursing homes are by far the primary victims of the virus, lockdown orders and fines for those breaking them persist. 
Over the weekend in Nova Scotia, several people were fined $1,000 each for breaking COVID rules. Yet, in the region of nearly one million people, 53 of the 65 deaths took place at the Northwood long-term care facility.
As we keep reporting, these ineffective, draconian mandates would be unenforceable were it not for COVID Cops on power trips enforcing them. 
TRENDPOST: We have reported extensively the efficacy and dangers of the vaccines in this and previous Trends Journals. 
We note this article to again emphasize who is dying, why, and where from the coronavirus. Rather than addressing the most vulnerable and taking precautions to keep them safe, entire nations have been locked down, and many others are needlessly locking down again.
As per the data, hundreds of millions more lives and livelihoods are being destroyed by these draconian measures than are victims of the virus. Yet, these facts are continually ignored by the mainstream media, which continues to sell fear and hysteria to boost their ratings.

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