Locked down since November, the King of California, Governor Gavin Newsom, declared last week that outdoor restaurant dining can resume in Los Angeles so long as establishments follow new COVID-19 guidelines. Again, lacking scientific data, restaurants cannot turn on televisions, and employees have to wear face masks and shields. Tables must be placed eight feet apart.
Hilda Solis, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors Chair, proclaimed, “The situation can change overnight. As we’ve seen before, more restrictions could be needed if non-compliance leads to more transmission and hospitalizations.”
TRENDPOST: Again, totally absent in the coverage is the fact that the virus infection rate from restaurants is said to be 1.4 percent.
As reported in this and other editions of the Trends Journal, we have long noted that lockdown orders have been implemented from nations’ capitals to statehouses without the support of scientific data. Simply stated, politicians and their lackeys make up rules. 
For example, it is OK to eat with a mask off but it must go on when standing up or going to the restroom. So, would a person in a wheelchair not have to wear a mask on their way to the restroom since they are at table height?
Is there a shred of scientific evidence that proves you can’t catch the virus when sitting down, but you can when standing up?
Newsom hit resistance in November when he banned outdoor dining in Los Angeles County. He was challenged in court by the California Restaurant Association and a restaurant in Los Angeles, according to the Daily News. The judge ruled at the time that the county acted arbitrarily and could not provide sufficient data to support the banning of outdoor dining.
Newsom, who was widely criticized after he was caught partying in a posh restaurant in Napa, continues to face a recall effort in the state. (See our 19 January article, “ANOTHER COVID FRAUDSTER CAUGHT.”)
TRENDPOST: Cynthia Ariosta, the owner of a pizzeria in St. Helena, CA, was part of a lawsuit against Newsom and State Public Health Officer Tomás Aragón that has since been shelved after Newsom’s approval for outdoor dining. Ms. Ariosta told SFGATE, “The guns are loaded and ready to go if they try to do this again without any data or science to back up that this is a risky activity.” 
Politicians do not miss any paychecks no matter how many businesses they close, and their decision to focus on restaurants (where there is a 1.4-percent transmission rate) would be laughable if so many Americans were not suffering due to these mandates.

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