As the Taliban continues to expand its military might, a new assessment from U.S. intelligence agencies predict that Afghanistan capital Kabul could fall within six months after American forces withdraw from the country.
The Wall Street Journal reported that the Taliban has been taking control of large swaths of land without much of a fight. Security forces in the country have been known to surrender and hand over equipment and vehicles provided by the U.S. and paid for by American taxpayers. 
Taliban have worked up agreements with local leaders that guaranteed safety in return for heavy artillery provided to them by Americans. One Taliban commander in Ghazni province told NBC News that he and his fighters have said they are surprised at how easy they are sweeping through rural areas near Kabul. The report said the Taliban now controls about twice as much of the country as it did two months ago.
U.S. Lost
Remember the Nobel Peace Prize winner, U.S. President Barack Obama, who shortly after being elected in 2008, launched a “troop surge” under the guise it would help win the Afghan war. On February 17, 2009, Obama, America’s commander in chief, sent 17,000 U.S. troops, on top of the 36,000 U.S. troops and 32,000 NATO service members that were already fighting the Russians.
The U.S. still has about 1,250 troops in the country who will be exiting by 11 September.
Biden met with Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani at the White House on Friday and vowed a “sustained” partnership. (SEE: “U.S. PANEL: KEEP FIGHTING AND LOSING AFGHAN WAR,” “PENTAGON: KEEP THE 20 YEAR LOSING AFGHAN WAR GOING.”)
“The partnership between Afghanistan and the United States is not ending,” he said, according to reports. He said troops may be on their way out, but the U.S. will help Kabul sustain its military and offer economic and military support. The New York Post reported that Ghani struck an optimistic tone and mentioned how his country’s security forces managed to retake six districts from the Taliban.
The war has cost the American taxpayer more than $2 trillion since 2001. When, in April, Biden announced the withdrawal, he promised to support the government of Afghanistan, and said that although U.S. military involvement was ending, diplomatic and humanitarian involvement would continue…i.e., more taxpayer money going to the military industrial complex.  He said that military strikes would occur only for anti-terrorism or if American interests were threatened.
Afghani officials say they were told that the U.S. would act to stop any takeover of large cities, but the NYT article characterizes that as “a vague statement without any clear backing.” And the closing of American bases in Afghanistan makes the staging of any airstrikes much more complicated.
TREND FORECAST: Gerald Celente had forecast when the Afghan War began, that America would lose: “If Alexander ‘The Great’ couldn’t pull it off, if the British couldn’t beat them and neither could the Russians, there is no way America will win.” Mr. Celente also noted that the U.S. had not won a war since World War II. 
As a result of his forecast, Celente, once a popular guest on mainstream media and having appeared twice on Oprah, was blackballed from the press and TV and accused of being anti-American. (See the movie, “What Zizi Gave Honeyboy.”
TRENDPOST: Dumb enough to believe the COVID War, dumb enough to believe in America’s 20 year Afghan War launched by an arrogant little Daddy’s Boy born on third base and thought he hit a home run… the murderous, lying George W. Bush. 
That’s right. The same Georgie Bush who lied America into the Iraq War… both of which cost trillions of dollars, destroyed nations and killed millions of innocent people. The Bush clown that created Homeland Security and the TSA that has robbed Americans of their Rights and Freedom.
And to illustrate the stupidity of the masses and how easy it is for them to follow their leaders, the fact is, according to a Gallup Poll, 88 percent of Americans supported the Afghan War.
Now, some 20 years later, the exact opposite is true. Eighty Eight percent of Americans no longer care about the Afghan War. The Associated Press and the National Opinion Research Center showed that only 12 percent of Americans said they were closely following news about U.S. presence in Afghanistan.
TRENDPOST: The Afghanistan Papers, internal government documents released by The Washington Post in early December, exposed the lies and deceptions told to the American people by Washington and the Pentagon. The papers documented how top generals knew the war in Afghanistan was a calamity that could not be won.
In December, we reported on the papers. Yet, despite these facts of horror, media Presstitutes, who get paid to put out what their corporate pimps and Washington whoremasters tell them to, have essentially blacked out the Afghanistan Papers from the news. 

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