Another year, another hellscape of wild fires and winds sweeping through America’s most populous state, California. 

America, the land of the “Exceptionals.” Exceptionally stupid, that is!

They’ve invested trillions to build a military-industrial complex that’s killed millions, while its infrastructure declines into third-world status. 

California, the land of high-tech geeks who brag how their algorithms, data mining, machine learning, robotics, and artificial intelligence will improve the world… as their homes burn and people die, again and again.

Artificial Intelligence, another artificial flavor that the corporations sell and the public swallows.

Despite all the bravado heaped on them, America continues to sink deeper into decline culturally, aesthetically, spiritually, physically, morally, and economically. 

California, the home of America’s entertainment industry, giving the world violence with hi-tech action flicks of stunts, glam, and made up mass destruction.

Imagine, another year of real mass destruction: life-ruining forest fires, with nothing of any consequence being done to prevent them.

Out of Control

Yesterday, hundreds of thousands of residents in California have been ordered to evacuate their homes.

Evacuate your home?

Your life’s treasures, which cost a lifetime of income to pay for, may be among those burnt to the ground.

For what?

Because low-life politicians get kickbacks from the power companies so they can reap more profit by not being forced to bury electrical power lines.

Year after year, none of the brilliant tech geeks can figure out a way to develop strategies on how best to fight the devastating fires. 

Some 1.3 million in the Bay area are without power, with another half million to be cut off within a day.

This is the fourth time this month that CA’s electrical companies have cut off power. Already, some $2.5 billion in industrial and business activity has been lost.

Pretending this clown of a boy is on the people’s side, Gavin Newsom, playing Governor of California, called on Pacific Gas and Electric Co. to issue the grand total of rebates of $100 to residential customers and $250 for small businesses because of unannounced “Public Safety Power Shutoffs” two weeks ago. 

TREND FORECAST: Considering no significant measures will be taken to bury power lines and more advanced methods to effectively fight wildfires will not be addressed, mass migration from potentially affected regions to environmentally safer regions, both in the U.S. and abroad, will gather momentum. 

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