Anti-vaccine mandate protesters clashed with police in Bulgaria’s capital on Wednesday and tried to gain entry into the country’s parliament building to express their dismay over health passes to prove vaccination or recent infection with COVID-19.
“The aim of the protest is to remove the restrictive measures and especially, first of all, so unconstitutional green certificate,” Kostadin Kostadinov, the leader of the nationalist Vazrazhdane (Revival) party, told The Associated Press. Euractiv reported that the siege on the parliament building lasted about two hours.
Bulgarians are obligated to wear masks while inside and while using public transportation. They are also required to have a so-called health pass to prove their vaccination status prior to entering restaurants and other venues.
The Vazrazhdane party garnered enough support for the first time to get a seat in Parliament last November for its anti-vaccine and anti-vaccine pass support. 
The party holds 13 seats in Parliament’s 240-seat chamber, the AP reported. The Trends Journal has reported on the backlash that governments have faced for trying to enforce these health passes in the name of public safety. (See “ITALIANS TAKE TO THE STREETS TO RAIL AGAINST WORKPLACE ‘GREEN PASS,’” “UPDATE: EURO ‘DIGITAL GREEN PASS’ GAINING SPEED” and “ITALY: NO GREEN PASS, NO FREEDOM.”)
Reports said that the protesters managed to push through a police line but were stopped at their stairs of parliament. They demanded that the country put a stop to the mask rules and ditch its green vaccine pass campaign.
The AP reported that the country has the lowest vaccination rate in the E.U. with only a third of its population fully vaccinated. Radio Free Europe reported that the government dangled $43.59 for its pensioners to get vaccinated.
The country of 6,867,685 had a total of 31,922 COVID related deaths, according to the World Health Organization. Thus, despite all the fear being spread of how the cases are rising and how low the vax rate is, their COVID death rate is 0.469 percent… and over the course of 24 months the grand total is 0.01956 percent of Bulgarians per month that have died of the virus.  
TREND FORECAST: As we continue to note, there will be growing anti-vax, anti-establishment, anti-immigration, anti-Eurozone movements spreading throughout Europe. 
This trend will greatly accelerate as economies decline, civil unrest grows and the refugee crisis worsens. And, what the Bulgarian’s are doing in their protest is most important. 
Rather than just taking to the streets and marching, they are attacking the attackers… the primary self-defense movement. 
PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Most of the so-called Western democracies (warmongering nations that invade foreign countries to steal their resources under the guise of bringing freedom and democracy) have robbed their citizens of their Constitutional Rights of freedom and democracy by imposing dictatorial COVID War lockdown orders. 

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