Building the action plan

Following the memorable, moving launch of Occupy Peace in September, the institute is now developing plans to build the foundation for the movement to take root across the US.

Global forecaster Gerald Celente promised Occupy Peace would evolve into something big and unprecedented. The September 20 Occupy Peace rally in Kingston, NY, which featured Ralph Nader, Gary Null, Cindy Sheehan, Robert Thurman and others in a spirited three-hour liftoff for the movement, was just the beginning.

During the rally, Celente, founder of the Trends Research Institute, stood at the historic intersection of John and Crown streets and made a promise: “This is going to be the most historic peace movement this country has ever seen.” 

So, what’s next for Occupy Peace?

  • Producing a documentary on the birth of the movement to inspire Occupy Peace affiliates across the country.
  • Developing a step-by-step digital toolbox to empower Occupy Peace groups to take action against endless war by advancing the core principles of the movement (see Occupypeace.US).
  • Initiating aggressive fundraising to assemble a team of legal, historical and strategic experts to fuel proliferation of the movement.
  • And to doubters who may have thought a peace movement couldn’t be initiated from a small city like Kingston, no less an expert than Ralph Nader, the man who all but singlehandedly launched the consumer-safety movement, backed him up.

As Nader told the crowd: “It’s easier than you think to change the government.”

Get involved. Contribute to the cause. Learn how at 

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