Aerial View Of Farming Tractor Plowing And, Spraying On Field.

Pesticides that are commonly used in the U.S. have been found to contain PFAS, or per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, which are toxic and linked to serious illnesses in humans.

The study, which was submitted to the Environmental Protection Agency and the California Department of Pesticide Regulation, found that PFAS were found in three out of seven agricultural pesticides, according to The Guardian.

“I can’t imagine anything that could make these products any more dangerous than they already are, but apparently my imagination isn’t big enough,” Nathan Donley, the environmental Health Science director at the Center for biological diversity and co-author of the study, said.

Nearly all Americans are exposed to PFAS, or per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances. The PFAS can be found in the air or drinking water and the chemicals stay in the bloodstream for a lifetime. About 15,000 chemicals have been classified as PFAS.

The study was conducted by the Center for Biological Diversity and Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility. The study found that California’s most-used insecticide, Intrepid 2F, “along with two other pesticides, is contaminated with potentially dangerous levels of PFAS.”

The statement said more than 1.7 million pounds of the insecticide were applied to over 1.3 million cumulative acres of California land in 2021 alone. 

The EPA has banned some PFAS, but allows the use of others. The agency said it is going to review the findings and make a determination on next steps in the next few weeks.

“There is no better way to poison Americans than contaminate our food supply and soils with PFAS, and the blame for this lies squarely on the shoulders of the EPA,” Kyla Bennett, a co-author of the study and policy director with Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility.

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PFAS do not break down in the environment and are associated with immune system suppression, liver damage, thyroid disease, reduced fertility, high cholesterol, obesity, and cancer, the researchers said in the statement. 

Analysis published in Environmental Health Perspectives, said scientists believe that in the next decade, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease will become the leading reason for liver transplants. The report said about 25 percent of the world’s population has the disease.

ChemSec, the Sweden-based organization, said the PFAS cost society around the world about $17.5 trillion every year.

“If you compare the profits that they [companies] make and the cost to society—it’s ridiculous,” Peter Pierrou, communications director for ChemSec, told The Guardian.

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