Blowback terror shakes Turkey

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s policy of supporting ISIS/Islamic State forces waging war against Syria, while cracking down anew against the huge Kurdish minority of 20 million people in the eastern part of his country, will dramatically escalate death and destruction throughout the region. Erdogan’s air force generals also pleased neocon warmongers in the Obama administration when they shot down a Russian air force Sukhoi Su-24 bomber on November 24.

Now, his war provocations have created a vicious cycle.

On 17 February, 28 people were killed when a car bomb exploded in the center of the Turkish capital Ankara, destroying a military bus carrying troops. The attack took place close to the national parliament and main government center, clearly signaling the bombers’ ability to retaliate by striking at will.

The Erdogan government immediately blamed the PKK, or Kurdish Workers’ Party, which has waged major rebellions against Ankara since around 1980 – a time during which more than 35,000 died. Erdogan’s recent policy to increase military action as a means of suppressing the Kurdish population across eastern Turkey, has killed nearly 460 people, paralyzed civilian life and destroyed cities.  

Beyond the suppression of the Kurdish population, Erdogan’s list of enemies includes waging war against Iraqi Kurds, his deep involvement in the overthrow of Assad in Syria and the shooting down of a Russian bomber. But Erdogan is still loyally supported by the US government as a major NATO ally.

TRENDPOST: Among presidential candidates in the US there is wide support for the Kurds to play a major role in assisting the US military in both Syria and Iraq, while also showering support on Turkey for its aggressive actions in the region and as a defense front againbst Russia

Martin Sieff

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