Blinded from seeing the future, world addicted to Identity News

What’s your favorite app? Which one customizes your selection and delivery of news and information, tailored to your pre-existing beliefs and personal preferences?
What’s your favorite news channel? Where can you tune to hear what you want to hear and reaffirm your beliefs?
Which newspapers and magazines do you read? Which promote points of view reinforcing your devout socio-political dogma?
Welcome to the New World Order of Identity News. That’s news that reaffirms people’s belief systems, rather than expanding their minds to welcome a broad range of current events forming future trends. 

The political divide has become the media divide.

It’s not “fake news.” It’s “Identity News.”

Citizens of the world are dumbed down by stupidity, propaganda and lies spread by a mass media whose lens is tainted by obvious, bare-bones biases designed to drive corporate and political agendas with paid commentators, aka presstitutes, who espouse one-sided views and personal agendas.

An example that would have been journalistic heresy when the Fourth Estate was flourishing: NBC, perceived as a liberal media outlet, just hired former Central Intelligence Agency Director John Brennan as a mouthpiece! That barely made the news, and in the New World Order of Identity News, was accepted as normal.

Ladies and gentlemen and children of all ages, Brennan, none other than a proven liar to Congress and the media, has been hired to deliver the truth on security issues that affect the US and nations across the globe.

And, the impact is huge: The news created by these presstitutes – paid corporate johns and Washington whore masters – finds its way across the digital hemisphere to sites and platforms propagating their points of view.
In this handheld world of customized information that affirms preferences, biases, tastes and views, “real” news is ignored.  
Multiple sources of information and varied analyses are overpowered and obscured by “likes,” “tweets” and “clicks” delivered to individuals based on their personal biases and preferences.

For a decade, the Trends Research Institute warned of the dehumanizing effects of emerging technologies, especially smartphones. Rather than providing a broad range of current events forming future trends, technology personalizes, customizes and automates information to meet preset criteria.
In our digitalized, social-media-driven world, millennials – and especially the generations that follow them – mostly consume the information they like or want. And with new generations of software flooding the marketplace, they are programmed to reject what they don’t know… but need to know to draw fact-based conclusions.
TREND FORECAST: The mind cannot expand by feeding it with sameness. Instead of the spontaneity, curiosity and intellect once required to engage and understand news, the world is running to its personal comfort zones of safe and predictable.
Now, more than ever, it’s so easy for “think for yourself” trend-savvy, open-minded OnTrendpreneurs® to beat the competition. In this handheld world, masses are trapped in one-dimensional viewpoints and never see how current events form future trends that open a world of opportunities.
And, it’s not only individuals. Corporations also are trapped in an algorithm/metric world that feeds their special interests and blinds them from seizing emerging opportunities.


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