BlackLight goes brilliant but obstacles remain

BlackLight Power (Trends Journal, summer 2013) is now Brilliant Light Power. The New Jersey company’s name change signifies a transition from a research operation to a product producer.

The company claims that its proprietary, patented process shrinks hydrogen atoms: Catalysts draw the lone electron of a hydrogen atom closer to the nucleus, releasing vast amounts of energy in the process. (The idea of shrinking an atom defies the basic tenets of quantum physics, though experimental data seem to verify the claim.) The company calls the resulting shrunken hydrogen atom a “hydrino” and says that it can react normally with oxygen to make water and take part as usual in other normal chemical processes. The reaction’s only consumable ingredient – and waste product – is said to be clean water. Brilliant Light Power’s process has been examined by independent scientists and found to live up to the company’s claims.

Brilliant Light Power is finishing the design of a reactor that could power anything from a car to a cruise ship and will have a commercial product ready in 2017. No time has been set for the product to be marketed.

TRENDPOST: Several exotic energy technologies are proving valid in lab experiments, but have had trouble reaching the market. Brilliant Light’s might be the first. However, any such product is likely to face obstacles ranging from scientific scoffing and patent challenges to open warfare from established energy industries.   

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