Since 2019, Amazon has nearly doubled its fulfillment infrastructure, adding more than 450 distribution centers across the U.S., according to logistics consulting firm MWPVL International, as the world’s largest retailer aims to deliver all U.S. orders within a day.
Amazon now has at least 930 such centers across the country, The Wall Street Journal reported.
Many of the new warehouses are adjacent to big cities with large concentrations of Amazon customers, the WSJ said.
To staff the widening network, Amazon has hired about 670,000 more workers, bringing its global payroll to roughly 1.4 million people, the company disclosed.
TREND FORECAST: As we wrote in “Amazon Takeover Expands” (21 Sep 2021), mega-corporations will continue to eat their way across the economy, devouring small businesses and shrinking consumers’ choices.
However, an element of a growing anti-Globalization trend will be populist movements that push the government to create and recreate antitrust laws that will break up the Bigs who monopolize numerous segments of economies. Indeed, this is already accelerating in Europe where the EU is taking antitrust actions against Big Tech.

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