by Gregory Mannarino
Too Big to Fail? No such thing today in the New America….
The merger between the mega-corporations and this government THING, yet to be fully defined, is in full swing. Moreover, it is being funded with unlimited capital directly from the Federal Reserve.
In every sense, what we are witnessing in the New America is a culling of small businesses on an epic scale. Make no mistake, the winners have been chosen: the big corporations, so say goodbye to your local mom-and-pop shops.
This engineered shutdown of the U.S. economy is by design an instrument, a weapon if you will, allowing corporations to overrun and wipe out any competition from small businesses.
For years, in the “War Rooms” of the mega corporations, the question has been, “How do we eliminate the mom-and-pops?” The mega corporations have believed, and continue to believe, that the United States is “oversaturated” with small businesses… and the coronavirus charade is being used to foster a grand elimination of them.
The “business” of government in America – and government IS a business –for decades has been merging with the mega corporations, henceforth forming a union with the military-industrial complex (MIC). This union has formed a dangerous alliance between the MIC and the federal government, with virtually unlimited financial backing directly from the Federal Reserve.
The alliance between the corporations and government, combined with an unlimited bankroll provided by the Fed, is a curse upon freedom and liberty.
The elimination of “mom-and-pop” shops will, by design, empower this New America/corporate agenda and secure the New World Order, which is a society governed and ruled by the direct merger of corporate and government power. This is what is known as fascism.
We are in the midst of enormous change. There is no doubt about it.
In America, a new government philosophy has been allowed to manifest itself under the guise of an “emergency.” It is always the same story: they create a problem and then offer their solution, with no input allowed by “We the People.”
The maniacs in charge are making the rules, and the rules are not to be questioned. That is called totalitarianism.
Facism and totalitarianism – who said it couldn’t happen in America? Well, it happening right now.

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