A top level Chinese operative illegally funneling money to Iran via U.S. and Canadian financial institutions will be allowed to return to China.
Meng Wanzhou, CFO at Huawei technology (which operates a “Huawei USA” subsidiary), had been charged in a Brooklyn Court in 2019 on 13 counts of wire and bank fraud, conspiracy, money laundering and dodging sanctions against Iran.
While Meng, the daughter of Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei, was allowed to stay at a mansion in Vancouver pending trial, China subsequently detained and charged two Canadians with crimes, which was widely seen as a “hostage diplomacy” retribution for the enforcement action against Meng.
The Biden administration essentially dropping the case is being taken as a cave to China’s intransigence. Meng will be allowed to return to China under a “Deferred Prosecution” agreement.
The DOJ said:
“[Meng] has agreed to the accuracy of a four-page statement of facts that details the knowingly false statements she made…”
“If Meng breaches the agreement, she will be subject to prosecution of all the charges against her in the third superseding indictment filed in this case.”
Huawei has been identified for other illegalities in the U.S., including acting as a spy agent for the CCP.
The Washington Examiner noted that in March, the FCC put out an updated list of Chinese communication companies “that have been deemed a threat to national security.” Huawei was among the companies on the list.
According to the Examiner, the Commerce Department has reported Huawei as repeatedly “engaged in activities that are contrary to U.S. national security or foreign policy interests.”
The Trends Journal has reported extensively on Chinese infiltration, including illegal activities of companies not limited to Huawei, in articles including:

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