Beyond your health, 5G, wireless technology destroys jobs, environments, liberties

Opposition specific to 5G should not be aimed at personal safety and health only , but focused on its real-time potential to destroy liberty/personal autonomy exponentially beyond 4G. This would fulfill a fundamental purpose of wireless tech: The final nail in the coffin where freedom has been laid by Elite servants of the global security/surveillance establishment.

Think about it: Taking a stealth weapon designed to cause illness; converting and adapting it for surveillance while selling it as a super-communication system – then combining it with Artificial Intelligence (‘summoning demons’); job-erasing robotics; the cashless society (EU to begin elimination of physical money); Biometric ID (a number of Orwellian nightmares); Cloud computing; the incorporation of technology, including microchips and nanotechnology (such as DNA nanobots), into humans (cyborgs/ transhumanism); and quite possibly genetic modification, voluntary or not.

Give the Elite psychopaths kudos for comprehensive thinking, anyway.

Entities craving absolute control of society instigate horrific scenarios covertly via their servants in governments, who then purport to prevent same. Sound familiar? It’s the old protection racket at scale. No better example than 9/11. Is there greater cover for major crime than ‘National Security?’

The corollary, of course, is international terrorism, the Elite’s great bogeyman, cleverly replacing the USSR, which they had a major hand financing, creating and building, using handmaidens Wall Street, CIA, major US corporations and figures such as Prescott Bush and Averell Harriman (banksters are always involved at some point). Again, brilliant thinking.


But the global control system is to be realized in the technosphere first – whence politics/government will be even more easily managed. Nor is Sen. Blumenthal (D-CT), who is calling for proof of 5G safety from the FCC, likely, putting it mildly, to touch this fundamental issue. Nor is any other politician. Fundamental truth cannot be told in the halls of power-servitude and under the watchful eye of managed media.

At any rate, whether one thinks the current 5G protest is wise, or that it should be wireless tech per se, 5G included, there’s an apparent mystery surrounding motive. Both 4G and 5G are literally deadly to ecosystem and humanity. How does that square with the goal of a human-control system? What’s to control if the object’s dead?

Possibilities might not come easily to one unaccustomed to thinking like a psychopath, generally meaning incapacity for concern or remorse about consequences.

We can assume that environmental and health effects are the ‘price’ of a centralized power to monitor, track, data-mine, file, index and dictate/control every aspect of human life – on a global scale. They want to be your brain/mind and want you to embrace the means of enslavement and control in ‘freedom’s clothing.’    TJ


Having long perpetrated atrocious scientific fraud, Government and Industry are unlikely to repent. But the laws of physics prevail. Only data-modulated high-frequency microwave radiation fulfills demands. Despite appeals, a safe dose for all life is impossible.

Mass consumer rejection of all wireless devices and systems, while demanding wired systems, is therefore imperative. This seems highly unlikely absent clear disaster. Near term, it’s more likely people will seek alternatives minimizing risk. But ‘safer’ is not safe. Effects are cumulative. A frightful epiphany will come—in time?

Above all, environment is terminally threatened by radiation. Mining devastations and many tons of toxic e-waste contribute significantly.

A large market sector should get ready to put its money where survival is: Wired systems. Fiber optics — speed of light, non-toxic to planet or people — is looking good.

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