The Best Presidential Ticket for 2024

Gerald Celente and Judge Andrew Napolitano held there “Celente and the Judge” YouTube broadcast on Wednesday and spoke about the 2024 presidential elections and how Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s campaign is giving the Biden camp some “sleepless nights.”


Celente told Napolitano that the problem with the U.S. is that there’s no fight. The citizens just do what the government tells them.

NAPOLITANO:Someone who is willing to fight on all this is giving [President] Joe Biden and company sleepless nights. And that’s Bobby Kennedy Jr. He is now up to 26 percent of Democrats, and that’s before Joe slipped and fell, and claimed he fell on a sandbag that wasn’t there. That’s before Joe, when the Secretary of State returned home after trying to patch things up with China, called the president of China a “dictator”… that’s before Joe ended a speech about Se Amendment rights – that he doesn’t believe in – with “God save the queen.” All of this stuff is giving Democrats kanipshins – and Bobby Kennedy numbers that they cannot overlook.

Celente told Napolitano that he has long said the best possible presidential ticket for individual liberties in 2024 would be Kennedy-Napolitano. 

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