Become an OnTrendpreneurs™

What: Summer Retreat

When: July 22-23

Where: Colonial Kingston, New York

Gerald Celente, featured speakers Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert, and Trends Research Institute analysts invite you to a unique, empowering two-day retreat this summer to help you become an “OnTrendpreneur” — a savvy, innovative professional able to identify and seize high-potential opportunities in the months and years ahead.

Held Friday and Saturday, July 22-23, at the institute’s historic facilities in Colonial Kingston, NY, “The OnTrendpreneur™” retreat is yet another in a series of one-of-a-kind trends events. Participants will learn the trend-tracking tools they need to seize their “Golden Opportunities,” one of the institute’s Top Trends For 2016.

Celente, Keiser, Herbert and other speakers will provide insights and stir creative energies you won’t find anywhere else.

Celente said of Keiser and Herbert: “True to their heart and true to their word, they are true OnTrendpreneurs. And, we are truly honored that they will be our featured speakers at our retreat.”

Whether you own a business or want to start one, or whether you want to expand your professional reach or are considering a career change, you’ll want to follow the trend lines that will affect your decisions. This retreat is designed to do just that.

Taking place in richly historic Kingston, in the institute’s magnificent 1774 Academy, Celente and other speakers will identify investment, product and service market gaps.

Institute retreats attract creative, engaged participants from all over the world. Hundreds of subscribers — many of them return participants — have come to Kingston to learn and be inspired. And while they’re at it, they enjoy wonderful company, great food and music, and the world-class historic and cultural riches of Kingston and the surrounding Hudson River Valley.  TJ

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