Battery-free cellphones with wireless charging?

If researchers at the University of Washington in Seattle have their way, your next cellphone will never run out of power.

Instead of having a battery that depletes, your future cellphone will gather bits of energy from radio waves that surround us.

We live in a storm of radio-frequency waves – from radios, computers, televisions, cellphone towers and other devices. These waves are a form of energy. Researchers have devised a way to grab that power to make a phone call.

The phone’s early version will have a “battery-free mode” that will allow you to make a call even when your phone’s battery is dead.

The developers hope to market a product before 2019.

TRENDPOST: Wireless charging of batteries in electric cars, cellphones and other mobile devices is a major field of research that not only will change the design of products, but also will upset today’s thriving battery research and production industries.

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