As of 19 September, the number of ships anchored off the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles waiting to load or unload cargo totaled 73, up from the 44 on 28 August that we reported in “Ships Clog = Inflation” (14 Sep 2021), according to the Marine Exchange of Southern California.
Before the COVID War, ships virtually never had to wait for a berth at a terminal, The Wall Street Journal noted.
Ships continue to add to the clog because there are so few other places to go, given the physical supply lines that have been built up over decades, the WSJ reported.
They are the closest U.S. landing point to China and Asia’s factories. 
The two ports have dozens of cranes to handle a constant flow of containers and vast warehouses to store goods.
In 2020, the two southern California ports handled 8.8 million loaded cargo containers, more than twice as many as the ports of New York and New Jersey, the nation’s second-busiest shipping docks.
TREND FORECAST:  Should politicians and Presstitutes start selling a winter of COVID Fear and Hysteria, there will be more backlogs and delays in shipping deliveries which will further drive up prices and increase inflation rates.

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