What is the average age of death from COVID-19? It turns out that it tracks with the average age of death, period. In America, that’s about 78 years old.
According to an October 2020 article in the Daily Mail:
“The average age of people who died from Covid-19 in England and Wales since the pandemic began is 82.4, the Daily Mail can reveal. That figure—computed from Office of National Statistics data by experts at Oxford University—is significantly higher than the average age reached by people recorded as dying from all other causes, which is 81.5.”
TRENDPOST: As we have continually noted, the average age of virus victims is barely reported. It’s certainly not one of the more reported statistics surrounding COVID-19, which has seen the media harp endlessly on “cases,” “deaths,” and politically useful “outbreaks” in disfavored regions and states. 
The fact that the virus is primarily a danger only to people who are at an age where, statistically, they will be dying from some other cause, if not COVID, seems worthy of reporting more widely to the general public. 
Yet, again, that the elderly, often with pre-existing chronic conditions, are dying and that this is an “old person’s disease” in the eyes and minds of younger generations will be among the sparks that ignite the “Youth Revolution,” one of our Top Trends for 2021.

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