Australia has announced new investments in quantum technology and will design a hub to enable allied countries to interact—all while keeping its eye on countering China’s growing reach in the Pacific.
The Wall Street Journal reported that Canberra will invest about $81 million in the technology. The country will also focus on its development of 6G communications, the report said.
The Trends Journal published an article in the 21 September issue, titled, “U.S. LAUNCHES COLD WAR 2.0: CHINA LAMBASTS “COLD-WAR MENTALITY.”
The report pointed out that the U.S., Australia, and the U.K. (AUKUS) announced an arms deal that will allow Canberra to acquire a fleet of nuclear-powered submarines.
Zhao Lijian, the Chinese foreign ministry spokesman, said the deal may damage “regional peace” and intensify an arms race. He said Australia and the U.S. will hurt their interests. 
Besides quantum technology, Australia said it will spend billions to modernize its economy “and cut dependence on China by spurring manufacturing in industries such as resources and critical minerals as well as backing low-emission technology,” Reuters reported. The country reportedly identified 63 areas that it sees as essential to control.
“This investment will help secure economic opportunities for Australian businesses, create local jobs, and importantly, it will help keep Australians safe,” Prime Minister Scott Morrison said, according to Reuters.
TREND FORECAST: We note this article to illustrate that it is more talk than action and is being promoted at a time when tensions between the AUKUS partners and China are rising. Indeed, Australia investing $81 million is chump change, and its Hi-Tech program will be no challenge to China. 

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