By Gregory Mannarino,

Being that not a single developed nation on Earth is going to implement any real cuts to spending, you can count on one thing happening, much higher global debt. 

But what’s really going on here?

Let’s start with this.

Every single world leader knows that he or she must absolutely increase spending/find ways to upsurge spending just to allow the system to function. Which is something not one of them will ever admit to a willfully ignorant public.

Oh yes, they all promise to spend less, but that never happens as it is impossible. As an example of this, just look at the last three U.S. Presidents, each one has had to spend more than his predecessor.

The truth is this. Just to function at its current level, the debt must be inflated exponentially—and it cannot ever stop. Every President, every world leader knows this.

Currently, every single developed nation on Earth is expected to vastly INCREASE spending moving forward. And with that, global debt will continue to spiral ever higher with no end.

Where does the cash come from which allows a nation to continue to function, day to day, in a perpetual ever increasing debt vacuum? The answer is A CENTRAL BANK. Any given central bank’s power resides in ONLY one thing: Its ability to inflate.

So, you want to end central banking? End The Fed? It’s simple to do really. Just prevent them from issuing a single dollar of more debt. The moment that ANY central bank is prevented from inflating, that is—creating more debt, the central banking system starts to die. 

Those dollars in your wallets and bank accounts. Those dollars that you get up every day and work for are IOU’s. No, you do not own them! The illusion is that those dollars you work for are yours. But in truth, you just work for the ability to borrow them from an issuing central bank. Not only do you not own the cash which you work for, you owe that cash back to the issuing central bank PLUS interest which they create out of thin air. It works the same way for every central bank.

If you were to look at every developed nation on Earth, each has a common factor—a central bank. Each of these central banks IS a sovereign entity. Being a sovereign entity, central banks have no higher authority. Former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan put it this way: “No Government Authority Can Over-Rule ANY Decision We Make.”

The “big secret” is this: Ever inflating debt is in fact the only way which the current system can function. The current central bank created debt-based system demands that ever-increasing amounts of debt must continually be borrowed into existence. More debt MUST be added every single second of every single day 365 days a year, decade after decade in perpetuity. 

What is the downside to central banks colluding with so-called world leaders? Firstly, central banks are the real government, as it is they who control the entire financial system. 

The major downside of this hideous collusion between world leaders and central bankers is currency devaluation—a loss of purchasing power. 

Today this is made even worse as central banks are cutting off credit by raising rates, effectively crushing small businesses to fulfill the corporate agenda.

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