Are you an accomplice to murder or a “child of God?”

Here’s the deal. A neighbor, friend or family member comes to you and asks for money to buy a gun to kill enemies. Would you give it to them? If so, and murder was committed, you would be an accomplice to the crime.

If you willingly give your money to your government to launch unjust, criminal wars based on lies that slaughter millions, are you an accomplice to murder?

Or, do you just sit back, knowing it’s wrong and do nothing about it?

As for me, I’m heartbroken by an increasingly dispassionate, passive, dis-engaged public which does nothing to stop the massive slaughter and destruction at the hands of murderous thieves who lead us into one senseless war after another.

But I won’t sit back.

That’s why, in 2015, I launched in Kingston, New York, the only movement worldwide with a definitive, detailed Action Plan for Peace.


The first Occupy Peace rally was held on the most historic intersection in the United States, where a pre-Revolutionary War structure stands proudly on each corner. That Occupy Peace rally brought together world-renowned speakers including Ralph Nader, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Cindy Sheehan, Dr. Robert Thurman, Gary Null and others.

They joined me in launching a new movement, one based on a four-step Action Plan, inspired by the Founding Fathers, that will bring peace and prosperity:

1. Close foreign bases; bring troops home.

2. Put Troops to work to rebuild America’s rotted infrastructure … a Troops Progress Administration program modeled after the Depression-era Works Project Administration.

3. Force Congress to abide by the Constitution and vote to go to any War which they have not done since WW II.

4. Put referenda on each state ballot, so “We the People” can tell Congress how to vote, since we pay for wars with our money and our lives.

That first rally inspired us to push the movement forward, by understanding that peace means more than just an anti-war movement, and that Occupying Peace is about embracing Liberty, Love, Joy and Beauty. TJ

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