According to an Associated Press report on 12 May, there is a growing backlash against the required masking of school students, led largely by parents. It’s making headway, with a growing number of school boards and schools choosing to scuttle their school mask mandates and make mask-wearing optional. 
But it’s not happening quietly. In some cases, police and sheriffs have had to step in and escort participants out when debates turned into highly emotional, profanity-laced shouting matches. 
“Competing Risk Narratives”
The AP report doesn’t call it a backlash, but it does invoke the term “risk narrative,” framing anti-mask parents as being in opposition to the official narrative that children face the same risks from COVID as adults. It also frames such parents and students as being “more concerned with their own rights and freedoms than with doing what’s right for the most vulnerable.”
TREND FORECAST: As we forecast last week, the COVID War is burning out. Ignored in the AP article and other media outlets in the wear/don’t wear mask controversy are the scientific facts detailing both the inefficacy of mask-wearing and the dangers… as we have repeatedly detailed in the Trends Journal. (See one of our many articles on this topic, “NEW CDC CLAIM: “TWO MASKS BETTER THAN ONE” from 16 February.)
While there will be “de-masking” from now and through the summer, we forecast the media; politicians; and the drug dealers, i.e., Big Pharma, will again start ramping up the COVID War come wintertime, warning of a deadlier coronavirus variant… and to stay safe, wear the mask.

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