The government in Amsterdam said it will put into place new restrictions in order to slow the spread of COVID-19 in the country where about 84 percent of the population has been vaccinated.
Mark Rutte, the prime minister of the caretaker government, called the measures “tough,” but are necessary because the country has to “ask more of people now that the infection numbers and hospital numbers are rising quickly.”
He announced that a “corona pass” would be enforced at various public places like gyms and museums beginning Saturday, and the country will also reimpose face masks in public places. The report said about 52 percent of those who’ve tested positive over the past three weeks were unvaccinated. About 45 percent of the new cases were fully vaccinated, the report said.
The country said that adults over 60 should get a booster shot to help prevent infection.
Rutte’s announcement was met with protests at The Hague, the Financial Times reported. The paper said police were hit with fireworks and then dispersed the crowd by unleashing water cannons on the crowd.
PUBLISHER’S NOTE: This past Friday, some 50,000 people took to the streets of Glasgow, Scotland to protest the COP26 climate conference of world leaders that was being held there. The demonstrators in Scotland and other cities around the world claimed the conference achieved nothing and all it was just more “blah, blah, blah.”
We note this to illustrate the two sided approach being taken by Presstitutes who wrote glowingly of the climate change protesters but demean those refusing to fight the COVID War, and the “authorities” who send out the brutal COVID Cops to quell dissent, but let the climate changers do what the wish. 
Again, this is not taking a stand on one side or another, it is rather to illustrate the overt hypocrisy of the media and governments.  
TRENDPOST: The Financial Times’ report pointed out that Belgium, which is a neighbor to the Netherlands, has also tightened its COVID-19 mandates and urged its citizens who can work remotely to continue to do so.
Belgium, which has vaccinated nearly 75 percent of its population, has seen new infections hit the highest level in a year, the report said. The Trends Journal has been reporting on how the COVID-19 outbreak has forever altered what a normal workday looks like. (See “FACEBOOK: EMPLOYEES CAN WORK FROM HOME FULL-TIME,” “WORK FROM HOME=CITY REAL ESTATE DOWN,”  and “REMOTE WORK=COMMERCIAL BUST.”)
The movement toward work-from-home will have lasting effect and quicken the shift toward virtual offices. (See “FACEBOOK WORLD 2021: AN ARTIFICIAL REALITY THAT WILL DESTROY THE HUMAN SPIRIT AND COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE.”)
Gerald Celente, the publisher of this magazine, has also highlighted the shift to virtual learning to make up for last year’s suspended in-person lessons. (See “INDIA’S ONLINE-LEARNING AN INVESTMENT WINDFALL, SOLIDIFYING ‘INTERACTIVE U’ FORECAST IN TRENDS JOURNAL.”)

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