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A recent Pew Research poll found a dramatic shift in the trust Americans have in health officials after more than two years of dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak.

The survey found that President Joe Biden has lost public support in his handling of the outbreak. The survey pointed out that about 65 percent of Americans said they were confident in his ability to deal with the virus at the beginning of his presidency. 

The survey now says 56 percent of Americans believe he is doing a “fair or poor job” in handling the outbreak. Just 43 percent polled said he is doing an excellent job. 

The survey questioned 10,282 adults in the U.S. and was conducted from 2 May to 8 May. 

Medical officials for the government have also seen their overall ratings fall since the beginning of the outbreak. Democrats, or those who lean towards the party, are more likely to say these officials have done an “excellent or good job” at responding to the outbreak. About 72 percent of these individuals agree with the comment compared to just 29 percent of those who align with Republicans.

Pew noted that both Republicans and Democrats gave public health officials positive ratings during the start of the outbreak.

Vaccines were ranked at the top of the list of what worked at slowing the virus’ spread, but not by much. About 55 percent said these vaccines were effective at limiting the spread while 22 percent said these jabs were only somewhat effective. About 23 percent said these vaccines were not effective at all. 

“I think people thinking it’s very much influenced by the fact that the chances you’re going to die of COVID have gone down substantially on a per-case basis,” Dr. Robert Wachter, a professor and the chair of the medicine department at the University of California, San Francisco, told The New York Times. 

TRENDPOST: It’s clear why these numbers have taken a dive: these “health officials” and politicians have used the COVID-19 outbreak to instill fear in public based on “political science” rather than science. And, to even associate the word science with “political” is not only a misnomer, it elevates politics to a level far above the depths of criminal actions and deeds. 

These “health officials” rushed through vaccines that lose effectiveness over a short period of time and against new variants. We heard the constant drone that masks were essential in preventing the spread, but these officials later clarified that they have to be worn correctly and the type of mask plays an important role in keeping you safe. 

Inconsistency breeds doubt, and we have seen that inconsistent messaging has been an Achilles heel for health officials, who were led by the political showman, Dr. Anthony Fauci. In March 2020, he assured the public that masks were pointless and should be used only by medical workers. 

The lockdowns and mandatory vaccinations that were imposed by politicians were also an infringement on our basic rights as Americans. (See “FAUCI THE FAKE: THE ROOT OF ALL PANDEMIC LIES,” “QUADRUPLE-VAXXED FAUCI GETS COVID, GETS SICK,” and “FAUCI: FACTS DON’T COUNT, AUTHORITIES DO AND WE’LL TELL YOU WHAT TO DO.”

While politicians and health officials have promoted vaccines, they do nothing to promote a healthier lifestyle and ways to improve your immune system for a good outcome if infected. 

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