U.S. $100 Bills Overlaid With The Colors Of Ukraine

Most Americans polled now say they want Congress to stop funding the Ukraine War effort and just 17 percent say they would back a U.S. intervention with troops. 

The CNN survey was conducted by Social Science-Research Solutions and included 1,279 participants in July. About 51 percent said the U.S. has already done enough while 45 percent said Washington should continue the funding.

The poll broke down the ways that Washington has been supporting Ukraine. About 75 percent said they support intelligence sharing, 68 percent approve of training Ukrainian forces, and 60 percent agree with providing weapons, “while among those who say the US has already done enough, only intelligence gathering earns majority support,” with 52 percent. 

About 56 percent of Americans polled said they are concerned about U.S. national security, which is a steep drop from the 72 percent who said they were concerned in February 2022, in the early stage of the war.

About eight in 10 polled said they are concerned that the war will continue to drag out, including 82 percent of Republicans and 75 percent of Democrats.  

TRENDPOST: The CNN-sanctioned poll found that about 71 percent of Republicans believe Congress should hold off on any new funding. About 62 percent of Democrats call for Congress to continue supporting Ukraine and 61 percent actually want the U.S. to do more. 

A Gallup poll conducted in June found a slight decline in support for the war among Americans, but Democrats have been the most supportive of U.S. military assistance for Ukraine.

The Trends Journal has reported extensively on how desperately Washington wanted to see Ukraine carry out a decisive counteroffensive to cement domestic support for the war, and reject the notion that the U.S. is sending good money at a bad war. (See “PUTIN: COUNTEROFFENSIVE HAS FAILED” 25 Jun 2023, “PUTIN AGREES WITH TRENDS JOURNAL: ‘DON’T COUNT ON UKRAINE’S COUNTEROFFENSIVE’” 18 Jul 2023, “U.S. ADMITS WHAT WE HAD FORECAST: UKRAINE’S COUNTEROFFENSIVE CONTRACTING, RUSSIAN CAPABILITIES UNDERESTIMATED” 11 Jun 2023, and “AS FORECAST: DON’T COUNT ON UKRAINE’S COUNTEROFFENSIVE” 5 Jul 2023.)

Ukraine has grown more desperate in recent weeks and has been attempting to expand the war by using drones to strike targets deep inside Russia to provoke such an overwhelming Russian response that the West feels the need to intervene. 

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