The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) injected itself into House primaries by donating millions from a political action committee to defeat progressive candidates who are critical of Israel.

The Times of Israel reported that donations from AIPAC’s new political action committee went to moderate candidates with a more centrist view of Israel, which means they turn a blind eye to human rights violations in Gaza and occupied territories and don’t mind ongoing IDF missile attacks on Syria.

The report said it is hard to quantify the amount of money that has been funneled through these PACs. Don Davis, a “centrist” Democrat from North Carolina, benefited from a donation of $2.4 million from AIPAC’s United Democracy Project and another $437,000 from the Democratic Majority For Israel.

He easily defeated Erica Smith, a progressive, by over 33 percent. Smith’s campaign lashed out at the DMFI PAC for producing an ad that tried to “paint her as too cozy with Republicans.”

“The ad was taken down due to blatantly false accusations of Erica of having endorsed a Trump Republican and having been bankrolled by Republicans in 2020 during her Senate run,” a news release stated, reported.

The PAC spent more than $1.4 million on ads in four House races in Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Ohio, Axios reported. The report said these PACs were contributing heavily against Nina Turner, former Bernie Sanders campaign leader, which led to the victory of her opponent, Rep. Shontel Brown, D-Ohio. 

Turner told The Intercept earlier this month that the result was heavily influenced by money from DMFI, especially after Israeli airstrikes in Gaza in May 2021. 

“I even have emails right now, to this day, of local, primarily business leaders in the Jewish community where they were encouraging Republicans to vote in this primary and were saying things like: We must support Shontel Brown, in no way can we let Nina Turner win this race,” she told the outlet.

The report said the DMFI PAC spent just under $2 million on ads supporting Brown and attacking Turner in 2021. 

TRENDPOST: J Street, which is considered to be AIPAC’s “progressive foil,” told The Times of Israel that the massive funding from the group stands in stark contrast with most Democratic voters.

“AIPAC’s new political strategy is posing a profound test of the health of American democracy,” J Street said.

Imagine a world where a pro-Kremlin PAC emerged in the U.S. and contributed millions for political campaigns tied to politicians considered by the mainstream as “not anti-Russian enough.” 

It would never happen because there is—whether Russia or any country sending money to support their American candidate—a double standard in the United States.   

TRENDPOST: Again, while it is totally acceptable for Israel to interfere with American elections, it is a violation of American sovereignty for other nations to do so. And anyone condemning Israel for their interference is denounced as being anti-Semetic.

And, as we have reported in great detail since the so-called “Russiagate” was launched by the Democratic Party following Republican Donald Trump’s beating their candidate Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential race, there has not been one shred of hard evidence proving Russia interfered with the election.

On 24 September 2019, when it was announced House Speaker Nancy Pelosi initiated the impeachment process against President Donald Trump, Gerald Celente was asked by Daniela Cambone, Editor-in-Chief of Kitco News, how it would unfold.

Celente said impeachment “could possibly happen, but it won’t mean anything because if they impeach Trump then it has to go to the Senate for conviction. It needs a two-thirds Senate vote, and the Senate is controlled by the Republicans, so it’s not going to happen. It’s going to be more of a waste of time, and it’s more of ‘Russiagate’.”

And that’s precisely what happened.

Throughout the tax-payer costly, time-wasted impeachment process, the Democrats kept pumping the propaganda that the Russians were responsible for Hillary Clinton losing the race to the White House because of the Russians and Donald Trump’s ties to Russian President Putin… and because Russia hacked into the Democratic National Committee computers.

Celente called it propaganda because not one shred of evidence was provided to support the Democrats accusations.

Most Americans buy the “hate Russia” propaganda, just as Washington has been brainwashing the public to hate the Iranians.

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