The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) burnished its creds as a leftist front group with a new advisory labeling criticism of Antifa as “hate speech.”
A page on the ADL’s site conflated critiques of Antifa with “white supremacy.” The page included an anti-Antifa graphic that is supposed to be verboten because they say so:

The ADL’s advisory engaged in biased, selective framing of what Antifa represents:
“White supremacist anti-left (or sinistrophobic) symbology especially targets far left and anarchist activists who have dedicated themselves to actively opposing and exposing white supremacists.”
The attempt to sanitize the radical group comes as the Biden administration has made moves to surveil and even criminalize political opposition to his presidency. 
Even FBI Director Christopher Wray recently acknowledged that Antifa was a radical organization responsible for violent police assaults at a White House protest and elsewhere in 2020.
In an exchange with Representative Markwayne Mullen during a House Select Committee on Intelligence hearing in April, Wray didn’t dispute Antifa’s violent role in a riot in front of the White House:
MULLIN: I’m just specifically talking about the White House. I mean, there were… it was a big deal. There were 67 Secret Service officers injured during the leftwing assault. And some assaults happened simultaneously with Antifa throughout different cities. Are you bringing the full weight to that?
WRAY: We mobilized scores and scores of personnel, in response to the activities during the period you described, and I was personally on scene in DC at the Washington Field Command post way into the night, night after night during that–
MULLIN: Know that Antifa was behind that, yet you said in a statement that Antifa does not exist as a national organization. Are you trying to explain away Antifa in the definition or do you believe Antifa actually exists?
WRAY: No sir. Antifa is a real thing and is not a fiction…
The Trends Journal covered that story here.
Conservative communications consultant and commentator David Reaboi of the Claremont Institute (which publishes the American Mind) summed up the corrosiveness of the ADL’s advisory in a Twitter post
Groups like ADL and SPLC exist only to tag a growing range of political enemies as illegitimate. For ADL, ideological disagreement is impossible, and is only driven by “hate”—which justifies any type of harsh crackdown. Evil.”

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